Helpful Halloween Hints

Posted on Fri, Oct 02 2015

Here are some helpful hints for our furry friends during this fun Halloween season.

If you are worried that your pet has ingested something inappropriate please contact the ASPCA poison control center at (888) 426-4435.  Or visit their website at

Halloween night can be especially stressful for cats and dogs.


Costumes are typically more fun for humans than animals.  An animal in costume should NEVER be left unattended.  Some pets, if left alone in a costume, may chew it up and ingest it.  This may lead to intestinal obstruction.  If a costumed pet escapes or gets away, the costume could get caught in trees, fences or bushes and your pet could get hurt.

The staff at Crossroads Animal Clinic wish you and your pets a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!